WATCH: Fox News Hosts Hilariously Nominate Fake Planned Parenthood Videos for a Pulitzer Prize

The funniest thing about the proposal is that Greg Gutfeld and his fellow table gremlins on “The Five” were totally serious. In fact, Gutfeld began by comparing the videos by the Center for Medical Progress to Ralph Nader’s activism against unsafe automobiles and the fight to expose the dangers of DDT. He went on to call the videos “true bombshells.” Yeah, and everything in the Weekly World News is totally real.

These gullible bastards should probably avoid casinos, carnivals and time-share seminars because they’ve been so easily fished-in by a series of obviously doctored videos, they could be suckered by just about anything. In fact, I bet Gutfeld’s up for buying a whole crapload of Robot Insurance — you know, for when the metal ones come.

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