Dear Progressives, Your White Supremacy is Deeply Problematic

Dear white “progressives”,

It has come to my attention that despite your well meaning allegiances to left wing causes, your failure to conform to the true tenants of pro feminist/transgender/multicultural/progressive liberalism is, to quote my good friend Sam Doloncot, deeply problematic.

Your failure to accept your own, innate, white supremacist leaning is the root of this problem and it’s about time you came to terms with the anti black female in you. This disgusting form of bigotry has manifested itself perfectly in the form of your unyielding support for Bernie Sanders – another privileged white male who has no regard for Black Lives, as witnessed by his callous disregard for activists storming him off the stage at his own political rally.

Not only this, Sanders has failed to make the #BlackLivesMatter movement the centerpiece of his paternalistic, pro-white presidential campaign, selfishly focusing his attention on wealth inequality, combatting crony capitalism, providing universal health care for all Americans, dramatic climate change action, and ending war as an instrument of foreign policy. Despicably, Sanders felt that his 50 years of civil rights support and daily battles to provide economic assistance and opportunities to minorities was somehow “enough”. It is not, Mr Sanders, and as the two brave young women who shouted you down in Seattle last weekend demanded on twitter, it is time to #BowDownBernie.

Fellow progressives, your white silence on this issue is deafening. The racist supremacists in Seattle who selfishly asked that the protestors allow Sanders to speak was a testament to how embedded paternalist misogyny is in white America. Sanders white male campaign manager attempted to negotiate with the Female Black Women on stage, proving once again that Jim Crow is very much alive in America. The thought that these powerful women leaders should wait to speak after Sanders is reminiscent of Rosa Parks being told to sit at the back of the bus.

“But Bernie Sanders lost half his family to the Holocaust,” you say. “He understands discrimination.” Firstly, how dare you criticize Black Women? As a white person, you cannot under ANY circumstance criticize people of color. As a white person, you can never understand what it means to be black in America so just shut up. Secondly, Sander’s own experience of discrimination is invalid because he is white and male. End of story.

The fact is, the two Black Women who got on stage were outnumbered by racist white men who were attempting to prevent them from speaking, and white progressives enabled them. It was a shameful moment in American history, and I, as a cisgender white male, am deeply ashamed.

White progressives, I urge you to rekindle your shame and help ‘de-center’ yourselves and divest from whiteness, and support ‘re-centering’ Blackness and the leadership of color. And when you think your shame cannot get any deeper, remember that it is never deep enough.

Yours shamefully,