Republican Kiddie Table Debate Highlights: Rick Perry Shouts Out to ‘Ronald Raven’

They may not have made the main event, but these 7 Republican presidential candidates will have a chance to make their mark at the Fox News “Happy Hour” debate, and subsequent viral video clips. See them here first.

Of course, the first bit of pulse in this debate came when Donald Trump’s name came up, and the moderators asked Rick Perry why Donald’s poll was bigger than his:

In a possible preview of tonight’s main event, Carly Fiorina had several one-liners prepared for Trump, which landed weird in the empty arena:

Rick Perry manages to work border security into a second answer, but Oops! Name-checks “Ronald Raven” in the process:

Wow, Lindsey Graham got tired of waiting for his moment and just said “Fuck it!”throwing the entire pot of spaghetti against the wall. All of his Clinton one-liners and promises to surveille Mosques in one place:

Everybody wants to defend Planned Parenthood, but Lindsey Graham wants to do it by sending troops to the Middle East, or something:

Wow, Rick Perry remembered three of something! Asked for two words to describe Hillary Clinton, Perry offeered three: “Good at email.” BURN!?

Right before doing a spot-on William Shatner body-language impression, Rick Perry name-checks the Beiruit Barracks Bombing, but didn’t “Ronald Raven” cut a deal to arm Iranafter that?