Fox News Host Defends Planned Parenthood, Co-Hosts Have Epic Meltdown

When Juan Williams defended Planned Parenthood on Fox News’s ‘The Five’ yesterday, his cohosts had a spectacular meltdown. Pointing out that the women’s health care organization had done absolutely nothing wrong, Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle collectively freaked out and began wildly distorting facts to make an argument that has nothing to do with the facts.

Williams tried in vain to separate the issue of abortion with the use of fetal tissue for medical research, but the panel was having none of it.

“A woman having an abortion is a difficult subject for us all,” said Williams. “But this is about an attack, a political attack on Planned Parenthood…it’s an attack on health care for women in this country.”

“It’s not an attack on health care at all,” replied Watters. “You can do whatever you need to do without Planned Parenthood….Juan is obviously not recognizing the reality of what is going on in the video.”

“These are lives,” screeched Guilfoyle. “These are bodies that have been cut up because it was convenient and then profited on [sic] by people selling it.”

“The video shows Planned Parenthood operatives making deals for baby body parts,” added Bolling, continuing Guilfoyle’s gibberish.

“This is a horrific fantasy you have,” replied Williams before he was cut off by Guilfoyle, who accused Williams of having something “really wrong” with him.

It is worth pointing out again that Planned Parenthood does not sell baby body parts for profit. Fetus tissue is often donated to researchers to help develop treatments for conditions like retinal degeneration, H.I.V., hepatitis, congenital heart defects, and Parkinson’s disease, and Planned Parenthood accept very small amounts of money (between $30 and $100 per specimen) to cover costs associated with the transportation of the tissue. As the New York Times noted:

Last year, the National Institutes of Health gave $76 million in grants for fetal tissue research. Planned Parenthood is certainly not the only collector of fetal tissue — clinics associated with universities also supply tissue for research.

A recent investigation into Planned Parenthood in Indiana, ordered by Republican governor Mike Pence, found absolutely no wrong doing on behalf of of the organization. The Indiana Department of Health said in a statement last Thursday that the investigation had found no evidence of any laws being broken.

There have been no prosecutions, no proof of illegal wrong doing anywhere in the country, yet conservatives and Fox News are still perpetuating the lie that the organization is harvesting fetuses for cash. As usual, fair and balanced.

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.