More Evidence Proving Louie Gohmert is the Dumbest Man in Congress

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) came up with a magic bullet solution to prove that homosexuality will destroy humanity.

I think we could do a study. We are good at funding studies. We could take four heterosexual couples, married, and put them on an island where they have everything they need to sustain life. Then take four all-male couples and put them on an island with all they need to sustain life, take four couples of women, married, and put them on an island, and let’s come back in 100 to 200 years and see which one nature says is the preferred marriage. Which one still is doing great and doing well. And I think we’ll have our answer.

Get it? If we allow gay people to get married, then eventually there will only be… um… gay people? And then humanity will — I don’t know? Cease to exist because of the breeding this? Seriously, how is this man a member of an elite club of 535 Americans tasked with making laws for the most powerful nation in human history?

The truth is that, according to Gallup, the LGBT community represents a mere 3.8 percent of the American population. Then again, Gohmert is confused and bewildered by math and numbers and, you know, reality.

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