Ted Cruz Wastes Taxpayer Money on Ridiculous Hearings to Undermine the Supreme Court

It’s difficult to emphasize enough how utterly off the rails the Republican crazy train has careened. As insane as the GOP was, say, two or three years ago, who would’ve guessed that in 2015, the Republican frontrunner for the presidency would be a TV reality show host named Donald Trump, who as recently as several months ago was regarded as being a joke who’d never really run in the first place.

Not only has the establishment Republican Party begun to embrace kooky conspiracy theories marketed by sideshow geek Alex Jones, but following the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision, party leaders have seriously entertained the idea of hammering out legislation that would alter the future of the Supreme Court forever.

Completely disregarding the reality that the Supremes have mostly leaning rightward for some time now, with Bush v Gore being one of the most egregious far-right power grabs in the history of the Bench, the Republicans have decided that this one decision, perhaps coupled with a pair of favorable Obamacare decisions, means the incontrovertibly right-leaning Court is too liberal.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who himself opted to enroll in a federally subsidized Obamacare insurance policy because it was clearly the best value, held hearings last week to hash out various ways in which he and his fellow over-paid Twitter trolls could undo 250 years of established constitutional precedent relating to the functioning of the Court.

Wednesday’s hearing — titled “With Prejudice: Supreme Court Activism and Possible Solutions” and convened by the Judiciary Subcommittee on Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Courts, which Cruz chairs — presented the latest wave of efforts to attack the Supreme Court for straying from the high hopes conservatives had after Bush nominated Samuel Alito to the seat vacated by the more moderate Sandra Day O’Connor.

“When I see what’s happened at the Supreme Court level, it strikes me as a foreign, unhistorical approach to law. It’s just breathtaking, some of the things that have happened,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said during the hearing.

Foreign and unhistorical. Except for all of the predominantly conservative decisions, especially the infamous Citizens United decision that only benefits hacks like Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions.

So, what did Cruz and his Republican colleagues figure out? Fortunately, nobody took serious Bobby Jindal’s idea to entirely eliminate the existence of the Court. However, Cruz proposed several options that might as well be an abolishing of, you know, one third of the entire U.S. government.

The first option proposed was the ability for Congress to impeach offending justices. It’s unclear how Congress would ascertain high crimes or misdemeanors in the context of a controversial decision. But what kind of alternate universe would allow the impeachment of one or more Supreme Court justices based on the charge that one decision or another made Ted Cruz feel oogy. Disagreeing with a Court decision is fine, but using such a disagreement as an impeachment worthy trespass is nonsense.

The second option would allow the people to decide whether a justice would be worthy of retaining his or her place on the Court. Because what we really need are gaggles of slack-jawed gomers badly misinterpreting Court decisions then lining up around the block to impeach a justice. The Court was established to be immune from politics. That hasn’t always been the case recently, but to leave the make-up of the Court in the hands of the whimsy of the fickle people would basically signify the death of whatever dignity and nobility that hasn’t already been murdered by Scalia, Thomas and Alito.

Also, this:

Edward Whelan, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, threw out an assortment of ideas, including changes to the constitutional amendment process itself, opportunities to override decisions, more avenues to remove bad judges, and term limits.

Ted Cruz might as well have called the hearings “We’re So Butthurt That We Have To Change The Entire Fabric Of The Constitution Because We Hate Gays And Obamacare.” At least it would’ve been honest. But what they, and whichever unhinged morons elected Cruz don’t understand is that whatever they propose could, indeed, make things far worse for the GOP. As the American population grows increasingly Democratic, the odds of one of these votes or impeachment procedures grows increasingly likely, and in a way that won’t help the Republican cause. But it doesn’t matter when the butthurt is this extreme. They’re willing to toss out the baby with the bathwater if it means getting to bash some gays and take away millions of health insurance policies.

Now if only they had President Trump to help.

Bob Cesca is the host of the Bob Cesca Show podcast, a twice weekly political talk show. He’s also a contributor to Salon.com. Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.