It Could Be Nothing, but the Suspension of Trading at the NYSE is Kind of Freaking Me Out

As of 1:45 p.m. New York time, trading on the New York Stock Exchange remains suspended due to an as-of-right-now unknown problem, but officials at the NYSE insist that it’s not a malicious cyber-attack.

However, and perhaps coincidentally — perhaps not — United Airlines’ computer system went down, as well as the Wall Street Journal‘s website. Elsewhere, the Playstation network went down, but has resumed service.

Realistically, this is an obvious coordinated cyber-attack, the extent of which is unknown. I’m just speculating, but it won’t be shocking when we learn the source is very likely China or Russia. And whenever something like this goes down, I can’t help but to recall an article in The Intercept exactly one year ago in which malicious hackers who were targeted by the NSA were referred to instead as “young online activists.”

Yep, we should totally back away from disrupting hacker networks because what they’re doing is a form of free speech, regardless of whether their activities completely flummox the world economy.

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