Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign is Now Officially F*cked

In the space of two weeks since launching his presidential campaign, Donal Trump has offended 1.8 billion people with offensive, racist language, lost a huge business deal with Spanish language broadcaster Univision, and now lost his business relationship with NBC, after the network released a statement saying that the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants and “The Apprentice” will no longer air on the network.

Make no mistake about it, this means that Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign is now officially fucked.

It cannot be overstated just how bad NBC’s very public break up with Trump is – they have stood with him through an absurd amount of his bullshit over the years, from Obama’s birth certificate nonsense to his revolting sexism, honoring their deal presumably due to the shows viewing numbers. It is well known in media circles that many NBC executives think Trump is an idiot, and despite the financial hit they’ll take by cutting ties it is hard to imagine anyone mourning the loss of working with him. The rejection of Trump by a gigantic corporation like NBC does immense damage to his reputation as a business man, and given Trump is running on the platform of being “the greatest jobs president that God ever created,” his inability to keep his job at NBC is not a good look.

Trump’s reaction to NBC’s move is not hard to predict either. He will come out swinging, threatening law suits and claiming conspiracies to keep him away from the Presidency. Because that’s what an idiot would do, and Donald Trump is most certainly an idiot.

The flailing will compound the already disastrous trajectory Donald has set himself on, and it is almost certain that Trump will lose more business as he fails to make amends for his abhorrent behavior. At some point, the damage to his reputation will be so bad that Trump will have to come to terms with reality and put an end to his ridiculous run at the Presidency. Trump’s pig like greed will overcome his narcissistic ambition to become President, and he’ll scamper off (much to the relief of Karl Rove and other Republican strategists) to run whatever is left of this television career and business empire.

When will Trump come to this conclusion himself? Probably not for a while, but his bank balance will let him know when.

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.