WATCH: Bill O’Reilly Explodes When Asked if He Has Any Black Friends

Democratic Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers really jammed O’Reilly in a segment about racism in the United States. She dug so thoroughly under O’Reilly’s skin, the host completely lost his shpadoinkle and shouted down Powers after she asked whether he has any black friends.

O’Reilly also insisted that there’s racism in other countries but there’s no institutional, pervasive racism here, obviously forgetting how many states fly the Confederate flag on the grounds of their Capitols. O’Reilly also cited how well black Americans are treated — you know, because of affirmative action and food stamps. Not only is that insulting, but O’Reilly and his people want to kill both of those programs.

The level of denial O’Reilly displays would be hilarious if it wasn’t so broadly influential.

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