Colbert is Back with His First Video as “Late Show” Host and It’s Hilarious

Two weeks after David Letterman wrapped his final show as the host of CBS’s “Late Show,” Stephen Colbert has emerged with a typically hilarious and weird video pegging off the existence of his now-famous “Colbeard.”

With three months of pre-productions remaining, the video gives us a clear sense of how Colbert plans to comport himself as himself. He’ll clearly retain much of the weirdness, snark and inventiveness of “Stephen Colbert” (the character), but without much of the crisp right-wing doofery. What’s for certain is that Colbert is just as funny and original as himself. I think we’re in for a hell of a ride when September 8, 2015 rolls around. He might not top the friendly silliness of Jimmy Fallon, but it doesn’t matter. Colbert will very likely have the best and funniest show in late night.

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