Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson Vows Justice Against Journalists Who Wronged Him

Even though Chuck C. Johnson was exiled from Twitter for threatening a civil rights activists and for generally being an insufferable, tone-deaf, hack-fraud neo-journalist who’s not really a journalist, he’s still going around making threats against anyone who was mean to him. In an interview with Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller, Johnson not only lamented that Twitter is duller without him on it, but he also threatened obvious legal action against journalists who’ve wronged him.

Via Little Green Footballs:

I promise I will “take out” [civil rights activist DeRay McKesson] soon in a journalistic way. I already have a lot of material. I’m coming for every single journalist that lied about me. This summer will go down as the summer of justice.

So, he repeated the “take out” threat that got him kicked off Twitter on the first place. Smart. Then he expanded his douchebag crusade “every single journalist” that allegedly lied about him. Surely, this includes the rumor that Johnson pooped on the floor of his college dorm, which we’ve repeated here on more than one occasion. Consequently, we can only assume Johnson will include The Daily Banter in his “Summer of Justice.”

The most ironic thing about Chuck is that his entire job is about doxing and libeling innocent people, most recently the engineer of that ill-fated Amtrak train, who Johnson suggested was using meth or mentally ill or both because he’s gay. And now, Johnson appears to be on the verge of (very likely) suing us, LGF’s Charles Johnson, Gawker and anyone else who’s written damning articles about him — you know, because journalism is all about suing people who think you’re a dick.

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