Crazy Militia Wants to be the Official Army of Orange County, Texas

By most accounts, significant chunks of the United States have gone loopy. Mike Huckabee and Dr. Ben Carson believe there’s no such thing as judicial checks on legislative and executive power. The Duggars are good people who “made mistakes,” yet Beyonce is a slut because of her song lyrics. The Republican Party literally pushed for mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds for women seeking legal abortions. And 99 percent scientific consensus is considered “intellectual arrogance.”

Here’s another item for the horror show.

A right-wing militia in Orange County, Texas (what’s the deal with counties named “Orange?”) that calls itself the Golden Triangle Militia wants to become Orange County’s official military force. The group’s leader, David W. Smith, a guy who builds “monolithic domes” for a living, was interviewed by TPM about his mission.

“The Golden Triangle Militia is a reserve militia according to that government code,” Smith told TPM. “That’s what I’m trying to do there, because the law says that the reserve militia is supposed to already exist but it’s never been officially organized according to the law in the state of Texas since it’s been on the statutes since 1987. Nobody’s ever done it.”

The existence of militias with delusions of grandeur isn’t breaking news. The fact that the Orange County Commissioners are on the verge of actually approving the idea is absolutely news. The other question is: why the hell does Orange County, Texas even need such a force? Fill in your favorite conspiracy theory here. Located in east Texas, Orange is hundreds of miles from the Mexico border and is situated pretty damn close to Louisiana. Are they expecting an invasion of Mardi Gras floats?

So, sure, let’s add this to the tote board of completely batshit insanity happening way out in the American hinterlands, where Obama Derangement Syndrome and the market reach of conspiracy-mongering doesn’t seem to be shrinking.

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