Debating Conservatives on the Minimum Wage and Saving America’s Intellectual Infrastructure

I was on the Thom Hartmann show last night getting into it with Nathan Leamer, a policy analyst at the R Street Institute and George Landrith, President of ‘Frontiers of Freedom’. We discussed a variety of topics from L.A’s new $15 minimum wage to Bernie Sander’s plan for a free college education. As the liberal in the middle, I did my best to counter the confusing arguments laid out by my conservative co-guests as to why you shouldn’t be paid a living wage for full time work, and free markets are better for keeping education costs down.

Here’s the discussion on the minimum wage:

And on saving America’s intellectual infrastructure:

I’m a big fan of Hartmann’s show, mostly because Thom ensures the debate focuses on actual facts and civilized debate rather than shouting talking points across the table – far cry from the dog and pony shows you see on all the other networks.