So, Fox News Hosts Seriously Expect Us to Believe They’re Not Anti-Poor?

As The Daily Banter‘s Tommy Christopher coveredthis week, President Obama unloaded on the poor-shaming that goes on at Fox News Channel.

In case you missed it:

As you can imagine, the talking monkeys on Fox News Channel have been rending garments while suffering from terminal butthurt over the remarks. It’s bizarre because Fox News hosts have never really tried to disguise or downplay their ongoing marginalization of poor people. The only thing that’s (thinly) disguised is the fact that their poor-people-are-takers nonsense is an obvious dog-whistle attack on African-Americans — especially African-American supporters of President Obama.

Dost thou protest too much? Why yes, yes they do. It’s a brutally twisted response, even by Fox News standards, to hear Fox News people pretending they never engaged in attacks on the poor, especially given the easily accessible record (hello, YouTube) as well as the broader GOP’s use of race-baiting and Southern Strategy code language to both stoke the racial animosity of the party’s old white male audience, while demonizing blacks.

For example, Fox News reporter James Rosen said Obama was “insulting the intelligence of the American people” with his remarks.

Stephen Hayes lamented that Obama has “a distorted view of Fox.”

Stuart Varney delivered the most ridiculous excuse: “We’re not saying the recipients of food stamps are bad people or lazy. Our story is why is it, after six years of recovery, 12 million more people are still on food stamps.” That’s a whopper lie as Jon Stewart proved in an epic segment this week:

It also happens that during the Varney segment, Steve Doocy blurted that people who “don’t want to be poor” should get a job. So, then, he’s implying they’re lazy people because they won’t work, right? Isn’t that the opposite of what Varney said? They can’t even hide their anti-poor crapola for a one damn segment without someone being flagrantly anti-poor.

Yeah, Fox News isn’t anti-poor. Not at all. They’re seriously this close to selling their audience some affordable Old Glory robot insurance.

Adding… Here’s a thorough debunking of the Obamaphone myth from 2013.

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