Does Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Lip Synch Live?

So on Monday, People’s Sexiest Man Alive and humanity’s Douchiest Man Alive, Adam Levine, had to fight off a crazed fan who came at him onstage. It happened at Maroon 5’s Honda Center gig in Anaheim, with the young woman skirting security to rush the singer in an attempt to do only a fifth of what she could’ve done backstage to Levine if she’d only waited a little while.

The video of the incident is of course making the internet rounds, but as you watch it, notice something about the music — specifically the singing.

See it? Or, more to the point, hear it?

When Levine pulls the mic away, stops singing and fends off the attack from Drunky the World’s Biggest Voice fan, his vocals seem to keep right on going. Now being that I’m an adult male and don’t listen to Maroon 5, I don’t know whether the band’s backing vocals sound quite a bit like Levine’s and they just picked up from where he left off, but it’s a little suspicious.

Thoughts on what is obviously the single more important story of our time?

(h/t Evan McMurry)

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