Pat Buchanan Totally Schools Sean Hannity on Historic Iranian Nukes Deal

There’s really no other reasonable, rational or attainable solution other than the route the Obama administration is taking with Iran, and if it works as planned, it’d be an historic, legacy-defining accomplishment. The following infographic from The Washington Post summarizes the framework established, while the details will be ironed out for the next few months.

The two alternatives are unthinkable: waiting around for a better deal, or to not seek a deal at all, with airstrikes ready to launch.

The first of the two bad ideas would surely delay the process long enough for Iran to move forward with its nuclear weapons program and perhaps finally develop a bomb. The second of the two would likely precipitate a World War level conflict, drawing in most Middle East players as well as NATO and Russia. Remarkable, there are still Republicans who support airstrikes, knowing or not believing what steps two-through-annihilation will be.

Still, congressional Republicans are desperately whipping a veto-proof majority for a resolution to delay a would-be deal 60 days past June when it’s scheduled to be finalized. So, it looks like the GOP’s brinksmanship isn’t limited to the debt ceiling and funding the government. They’re clearly will to sabotage the economy and a potentially historic deal, tempting all sorts of horrible things, for the sake pandering to the Fox News Channel crowd.

Speaking of which, I never thought I’d write this but Pat Buchanan actually made a hell of a lot of sense on Sean Hannity’s show last night, schooling the host about why this forthcoming deal is important, chiefly because Iran is helping in the fight against ISIS — better to have other skin in the game besides American skin. This video is pretty remarkable. Watch:

Buchanan isn’t a big fan of Israel and often falls into the libertarian sphere when it comes to interventionism. But it has to be said: when Hannity, who’s basically an extension of the GOP’s sales department, is farther to the right than Pat Buchanan on any issue, it speaks volumes about the present location of the Overton Window, as well as the military hubris of the Republican Party. Opposition to this deal is a de facto case for war, and this next one would make Iraq and Afghanistan look like Grenada.

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