With an Epic Twitter Tirade, Patton Oswalt Ends the Debate Over Trevor Noah

If you follow Patton Oswalt’s career at all, you were waiting for this. Late last night, the comic who’s become both a regular target for America’s politically correct Outrage Industrial Complex as well as perhaps its most vocalcritic welcomed future Daily Show host Trevor Noah to the machine.

Unless you’ve been hiding under one of Chuck McGill’s space blankets on Better Call Saul for the past two days, you know that it took less than 24 hours for the pissy little ninnies of the humor police to begin concern trolling Noah’s appointment to the Daily Show desk. At issue was the fact that by digging back a few years through Noah’s Twitter feed, you’d stumble across a series of crappy jokes that seemed to make fun of fat girls and Jews. The jokes really weren’t all that funny, although if you know Noah’s sense of humor there’s something amusing about how deliberately corny they are. Either way, a thousand think-pieces were immediately spawned and Twitter erupted into what’s sure to be its first of a dozen outrage-gasms to be had this week. The guy didn’t even get a full day of basking in the glow of being able to replace Jon Stewart before the internet started ripping him apart. Because we’re awesome.

Well, beginning right around midnight last night, Patton jumped into the debate. He fired off 53 tweets, one after the other. Taken as a whole, his passive-aggressive dissertation on trying to do comedy in the year 2015 is a thing of staggering beauty.

Here it is:

Patton got in one final thought — an encore, if you will, in the form of a retweet of something said by fellow comic Neal Brennan.

And with that, we drop the curtain.

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