Quote of the Day: Man Selling Racist Targets at Gun Show Has a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation

KSFY: “Why are those on there?”

Vendor: “Why aren’t they? They’re just targets.”

KSFY: “Aren’t they offensive in nature?”

Vendor: “To who? Are you a negro? You know, there’s some black people and then there’s some negroes.”

Conversation between a man selling “Runnin’ Nigger” targets at a North Dakota gun show and a photographer from KSFY

The most entertaining thing about this exchange is how confused the redneck oaf is that anyone would be bothered by what he’s doing. He’s at a gun show in Sioux Falls selling a target with a racist caricature of a black person, explicitly called “Runnin’ Nigger,” and yet he seems to be offended that anyone would suggest there’s something wrong with that.

Hell, he even brags that he sold 500 of them, as if that’s supposed to make the camera guy feel better about it and not want to hang his head in shame then immediately drive home and see if anyone’s responded to his résumé yet.

Meanwhile, you can practically hear the Homer Simpson voice inside Junior Samples’s head here telling him over and over and over again, “Say negro! Say negro! Don’t say the other word — there’s liberals afoot!”

For what it’s worth, the organizers of the event say they weren’t aware of what this guy was selling — which is really reassuring, considering that it’s a gun show — and he won’t be invited back again.

Just goes to show, there’s white people — then there’s some dumb-shit, mid-western yokels who arm themselves heavily and like to pretend the last half-century of civil rights reforms never happened.

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