Unwavering American Support For Israel Explained In One Flowchart

When Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in front of Congress in 2011, he received 29 standing ovations. Today we’ll see more of the same.

Netanyahu will speak before Congress Tuesday morning in what the White House has said is a breach of diplomatic protocol. In January, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) invited Israel’s prime minister to address a joint session without notifying the president. That move has rankled several Democrats, who have boycotted the speech.

Nevertheless, most lawmakers appear set to attend, which isn’t surprising given that unwavering support for Israel is a prerequisite for federal office. Even last year during Israel’s brutal war in Gaza, members of Congress were “falling over themselves” to throw their full support behind Israel. Congress is as beholden as ever to the pro-Israel lobby, with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee having “a stranglehold on Congress,” according to John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt.

But if for some reason members of Congress ever need to be reminded of when they should support and pander to the Israeli government, this handy flowchart will set them straight.