Harry Reid Goes Full ‘Matrix’ With Sunglasses At News Conference

While holding a news conference on Tuesday, Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was sporting a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses while he recovers from a nasty exercising accident last month. Reid had surgery to repair broken bones in his face, hence the shades making him look like Agent Smith from The Matrix trilogy.

That of course, got me thinking this press conference would’ve been the perfect time for the monotone and blasé Reid to address some hot-button issues by quoting the archvillain. And as it turns out, Reid’s alter ego, Senator Agent Smith, makes for one interesting lawmaker.

To the Republican-controlled Congress:

On drones:

On frackers and oil drillers:

On life:

To people who want to kill politicians:

On those who may have aided and abetted Edward Snowden:

On Republicans implementing their Bushian utopia in the early 2000s:

On concluding an interview on CNN’s AC 360:

Blunt? Yes. Morbid? Sure. Melodramatic? No doubt. But if there’s one thing Senator Agent Smith isn’t, it’s boring.

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