Following Pro-Secession Remarks, Ron Paul Says the Black Caucus Was Only Anti-War Because Food Stamps

Last week, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) announced to a group of right-wing secession fetishists that secession and nullification is “happening” and that it’s a “good thing.” Naturally, the crowd of rednecks and neo-Confederates hooted and hollered at the announcement, though it’s unclear which states are seceding and when.

Not for nothing, but the last time secession occurred, more than 625,000 Americans were killed — roughly two percent of the entire U.S. population, if you include the southern states. In modern numbers, that’d be roughly six million corpses.

This is a “good thing” to Ron Paul.

Now couple this with his remarks today on the equally-as-kooky Lew Rockwell show. While discussing sanctions in the Middle East and ISIS, Ron Paul said:

“I was always annoyed with it in Congress because we had an anti-war unofficial group, a few libertarian Republicans and generally the Black Caucus and others did not—they are really against war because they want all of that money to go to food stamps for people here.”

Right, so the congressional Black Caucus is only anti-war because of food stamps. Gotcha. It couldn’t possibly be because another war in Iran, or wherever else, was a terrible idea with two other wars happening at the same time. Only Ron Paul and his libertarian Ayn Rand cultists are wise enough to know that. Everyone else (blacks) just wanted more hand-outs from Uncle Sugar, according to him.

So, not only does Ron Paul think secession is a great idea, and not only does he think we’d be “better off” without the Civil Rights Act, but now he’s going down the “blacks are lazy takers” road. It’s unclear what else he could say that’d make him look more like an 1850s era fire-eater, short of announcing that it’s a business’s right to purchase slave labor because libertarianism and the free market.

Since leaving office in 2012, Ron Paul has become increasingly unguarded, finally saying what he really means, and each thing is more horrendous than the last. And to think he duped some liberals into supporting him.

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