You’ll Never Guess How Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson Attacked a State Department Official

(File Photo: Chuck Johnson)

By now you’re probably familiar with Chuck C. Johnson, the proprietor of and official outer of alleged rape victims. As difficult as it seems, Johnson continues to one-up himself in the category of Worst Person In The World.

When we last heard from Johnson (no relation to good guy Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs) he launched a portal through which his readers could pay him to do his job for him. Remarkable business model. Prior to that, he came after The Daily Banter for using his photo in a story about him — shocking, I know.

This time, Johnson weighed in on the low-grade Obama non-scandal in which Marie Harf, a spokesperson for the State Department, told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that the U.S. “cannot kill our way out of this war [against ISIS].”

Of course, on the surface, it runs contrary to administration policy, but it’s easy to get what she was trying to say. We need to do more in the Muslim world besides bombing them. Fine.

But rather than addressing Harf’s point and countering it with an opposing argument — or even hectoring her for hating America or whatever horseshit gets passed off as rational discourse from the right these days — Chuck Johnson took a different approach. And by “different,” I mean completely irrelevant to anything.

Johnson posted a “scoop” on his site titled, “State Dept. Deputy Spokeswoman Marie Harf Was Once Hospitalized For A Toxic Tampon.”

Yes, Johnson “outed” Harf’s one-time toxic shock syndrome, which is an extremely common physical reaction to tampons and potentially fatal. Johnson seems astonished and delighted by the story, originally published in an article titled “Toxic Shock Syndrome: Not Forgotten, And Not Gone Either.”

Here was Johnson’s baffling lede:

Under fire for controversial comments on ISIS, Marie Harf was once exposed to a toxic tampon. Seriously.

I can just imagine Johnson’s gleeful reaction: “Tee-hee! A tampon!” What the hell does toxic shock have to do with any of this? Why is it relevant to Harf’s statement about ISIS? Why is it relevant to anything other than a totally separate medical discussion about toxic shock? Is there a bigger hack-fraud than Johnson?

It gets worse.

Harf was 16-years-old when it happened. Johnson seems delighted by the notion of an underage girl using a tampon and becoming ill from it. Seriously, Johnson’s not just a hack-fraud, he’s a mentally disturbed hack-fraud, and he ought to issue a public apology to Harf. But that’ll never happen because it’d display integrity and thoughtfulness — two other things that Johnson probably dropped on the floor of his college dorm.

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