Now It’s Finally Meaningful to Point to a Map and Say, “Look at All That Red!”

Win or lose, following every election, Republicans like to point to the electoral map and boast, “Look at all that red!” In other words, there’s large geographical section of the United States dominated by red states. What they fail to note, however, is that those states all have relatively small populations and relatively large geographic size. Hence, there’s the appearance of Republican domination when most of the red covers empty space with little or no population.

I’ll never forget hearing “look at all that red” for the first time after the 2004 election when President Bush defeated John Kerry on the backs of same-sex marriage bans shoehorned onto the ballot in 11 states.

Well, fast forward to Monday when it finally became legal for a same-sex couple to be married in Alabama. It’s a highly contentious issue there, where the courts continue to bicker over the ruling, but nevertheless licenses were issued there throughout the day anyway. It was the 37th state to fully legalize same-sex marriage as, one-by-one, courts across the country overturn archaic, oppressive laws preventing consenting adults from getting married.

So, now, without belaboring the point, check out the map below and join me in saying…

“Look at all that red!”

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