There’s Something Odd About This Bobby Jindal Portrait (Updated)

Louisiana blogger Lamar White, Jr. and photographer Robin May bring us this image of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s official (see update below) portrait.

I just can’t put my finger on what’s wrong with it.

Ah, now I know — it’s missing the monkey’s paw.

Update: Time to fess up. We can fall victim to a rush to publish here the same way others can, no matter how seriously we take trying to get things right. While several outlets — including Mediaite, where the meat of this post came from — called this portrait “official,” it’s not. It was reportedly donated by a constituent. It’s still damn amusing, but it’s not official by any means. Lamar White, Jr. is already being called out on Twitter for claiming it is.

There’s an entire piece to be written about how easy it is, when you’re desperately looking for material to write about, to give in to something like this. It made me laugh and so I ran with it, even though it tickled my bullshit meter a little. That’s my fault for not heeding that and taking a step back. Sorry, gang.

(h/t Mediaite)

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