Fox and Friends: Obama’s Plan for Free College is a Terrible Idea Because College Sucks

I’m not making this up. The escaped mental patients at Fox and Friends, Steve Doocy, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and the barely sentient proto-hominid Brian Kilmeade, actually made the case that President Obama’s free community college proposal is a bad idea because some kids are unprepared for the difficulties of a two-year degree.

Where do we begin? Let’s start with Doocy who lamented that the free college proposal is bad news because it wasn’t free when he went to college:

Here’s the thing that really bothers me about this. I made my final two college tuition payments about two weeks ago.

First of all, Doocy allegedly attended college? Secondly, isn’t this ultimately an argument in support of free college? Doocy is pushing 60-years-old and he just now finished paying off his college loans, and those were loans for tuition rates in the middle 1970s. Clearly, college was way too expensive in the ’70s, and it’s considerably worse now. (It’s also possible he was referring to tuition payments for one of his kids, which case yet another argument for more affordable college.)

Hasselbeck suggesting that parents who are strapped with tuition payments for their kids don’t want to pay the tuition for other kids, as if this is actually how it works.

Wait a second, now we’re paying for more college tuition for someone else to the tune of $60 billion.

Next, Kilmeade said that students could pay their tuition simply by getting a part time job. But this idea didn’t come from Kilmeade himself, it came from the Fox News Channel “Brain Room.” Yes, they have a so-called Brain Room. We’re not quite sure what it is, but it sounds like a coat-check room where all Fox News hosts drop off their brains before they go on the air.

Then Hasselbeck dropped her ultimate gambit on free college:

Americans actually are not as prepared as we think they are coming out of school. Four in 10 United States college students graduate without the complex reasoning skills to manage white collar work! That’s one. And another [report] found that nine out of 10 employers are saying that recent college graduates are poorly prepared for the workforce. So instead of fixing the problem, they’re just bringing more students into it, some opine.

So, college sucks because it’s not preparing students for the real world, therefore why are we sending more kids to college?

As Chez Pazienza and I discussed on this week’s Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, this is exactly the same incomprehensible flanking maneuver used by Erick Erickson when we tweeted that Obama’s sending more women to college where they’ll be raped on campus.

Another example of flipping a good idea into a bad idea was when Rush Limbaugh said the low gas prices are bad for the economy. This is where we are now. Bad news for Obama and the economy is always bad news, they say, and good news for Obama and the economy is also bad news. Every time we think these people have reached the limits of their opposite-day up-is-down flailing, they pull something like this and totally outdo themselves. And the 2016 silly season hasn’t even started.

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