John Boehner Posted a Buzzfeed-Style List of Animated GIFs and America Just Died a Little

Remember a while back when Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released a YouTube video in which he sat in a chair and stared creepily into the camera with a toy monkey on his knee? Turns out, that wasn’t the weirdest or most disturbing thing he’s done on the internet. Today, he totally topped the monkey video.

First, the promotional tweet for the article:

When I read this, I thought his Twitter feed had been hacked. I mean, Boehner breaks down in tears at the drop of a hat, and there’s that creepy monkey video, but surely the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives wouldn’t stoop to posting a Buzzfeed-style list of Taylor Swift gifs. Then I clicked the link and was horrified to see this:

That’s right, the man who’s follows the vice president in the line of succession for the presidency posted a series of Taylor Swift GIFs — and on an official dot-gov website no less. The unseriousness of Congress just dropped to a new low. It’s bad enough that this kind of horseshit is a blight all over social media, with imitators imitating other imitators and gumming up bandwidth that’s better suited for, hell, anything else — even porn.

What’s next for the Speaker? Explaining Social Security privatization using Jurassic Park GIFs? Or clickbait quizzes like “Which Omnibus Spending Bill Are You? I’m H.R.1105 The Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009!”

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