Erick Erickson Thinks Obama Wants More Women to Be What?!

He’s once and forever the worst person in the world. Erick Erickson, frequent Fox News analyst and incurably squinty founder of Red State, thought it might be hilarious to attempt a joke about these three things: President Obama, college and rape; yet again proving the theory that media conservatives are rarely if ever funny. Intentionally.

So, Erickson thinks that by providing free community college educations to anyone willing to work for it, Obama is unintentionally (or not) allowing women to be raped on campus. I won’t go into all the reasons why this isn’t funny, but suffice to say, the list begins and ends with “raped.” It also suggests that the blame for such rapes should be aimed at attending college and providing financial assistance to do so, rather than, you know, rapists.

Once again, I can’t believe he mustered the gray-matter to flimflam someone into marrying him. Poor, poor Mrs. Erickson.

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