CNN Asks Twitter To #AskACop and It Backfired Spectacularly

On Tuesday night, CNN asked the Twitter community to use the hashtag #AskACop to submit questions to an upcoming roundtable of five real-life police officers called “Cops Under Fire.” This ostensible townhall-style discussion rapidly devolved into an utter shitshow as anti-cop activists on Twitter tore it to shreds, using #AskACop to send CNN questions like  “why do cops murder black people?” and “did you really think this was a good idea?”

Considering that other attempts to use Twitter in this manner like #AskJPM, #MyNYPD, #CosbyMeme and #IAmARepublican have all failed horribly, this disaster was both jaw-droppingly inept and hopelessly predictable. If anything, it was worse because the timing — amid a national conversation on the police killings of unarmed black people Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and John Crawford III — made it the perfect trending target.

No one who pays even a teensy bit of attention to social media should be naive or ignorant enough to fall for this kind of obvious trap, but c’mon.

This is CNN we’re talking about.

Here’s some of the best examples of what would have otherwise been easily avoidable.

Some people just made angry jokes.

But most of the tweet were just plain angry.

A few were really cutting:

It really goes on and on and on:

Here are two honorable mentions for most painful burn:

“Of course, CNN learned its lesson this time, right?” you may be asking yourself. Haha, you idiot!

Despite all the shade thrown at the fuzz during this withering outpouring of verbal abuse, CNN Tonight proudly considers the segment a success. Seriously.

Only a minute few like TheWashington Post’s Wesley Lowery seemed receptive to its stated intent:

But even he couldn’t resist, a little:

CNN could be willfully trolling, but it’s funnier to imagine that it now actually considers its own fuckups national news.

But maybe I should thank them, because I sure do feel a lot better after reading all those tweets. Don’t you?

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