The First Trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is Here, and it is F*cking Awesome

Co-authored by Bob Cesca

As we mentioned yesterday, there won’t be a huge amount of activity going on over the next few days here at The Daily Banter for the Thanksgiving holiday, but this had to go up. Will this spark intelligent debate, provide insight into the complex current events of the day, or do anything to keep you informed? No. But it is is f*cking awesome:


The trailer begins with a shot of a desert planet and an ominous voiceover possibly by the villain of the film. The desert planet was rumored to be Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine, but could actually be an entirely different planet based on reports from various sources. Actor John Boyega appears in frame dressed in familiar Stormtrooper armor and clearly in some sort of distress. The voiceover continues as we see various other very-brief shots including actress Daisy Ridley piloting a speeder of some sort, along with other shots: a new model droid, a Rebel Alliance pilot played by Oscar Isaac, a squadron of X-wing fighters gliding over a body of water, a group of new Stormtroopers aboard a transport and, finally, someone who appears to be the Sith villain in a hood and black regalia walking through a dark forest — the villain ignites a new kind of triple-bladed lightsaber. He voiceover ends and the trailer cuts to a pulse-pounding shot of the Millennium Falcon (complete with JJ Abrams’ trademark lens flare) rocketing through the sky and confronting a pair of typically aggressive TIE Fighters.

It’s enough to suggest that this won’t be anything like the plodding, awkward prequel trilogy and could potentially capture the swagger and excitement of the original trilogy. However, we’re old enough to remember the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the first trailer for The Phantom Menace, so, cautious optimism…

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