Who Else Is Sick To Death Of Chris Matthews?

If you’re anything like me, you are likely sick to death of listening to Chris Matthews lamenting, for the millionth time, about how Barack Obama can’t do deals like Reagan and Tip O’Neil did, because the fucking Reagan years were so great. Since the Democrats’ midterm trouncing, though, Matthews has gone into apoplexy overdrive, constantly insisting that now that a third of the electorate has spoken, after every Democratic candidate ran away from President Obama and immigration reform, that Obama must now split the baby with Republicans who would rather deport it.

It was with some satisfaction, then, that I watched former Obama spox Bill Burton impatiently put a stop to this silliness on Now with Alex Wagner today. Burton and Matthews got into it over immigration reform, with Matthews pimping the magical deal that Tip and Gip would have made, and Burton was like “Hell’s no.”

Things were getting kind of heated when Alex Wagner rescued them by changing the subject, but look at how Burton and Matthews are eye-murdering each other as Wagner tosses to Patricia Murphy:

“Chris, I feel like I’m living in a different world than the one that you’re living in, because to listen to you talk about this bill, and the President’s not selling it and blah, blah, blah, the problem is the bill has been passed by the United States Senate, and they will not move on it in the House, period. That’s it. That’s why.”

Also, in case you’re wondering, Burton is right, pathway to citizenship is consistently supported in polls, by overwhelming margins.

Luckily, Matthews and Burton weren’t done yet. Matthews swooped back in to fap about Reagan some more, and Burton straight-up laughed in his face:

Matthews: “It’s like the old deal between Tip and Reagan on Social Security. The Democrats wanted to get more benefits, they wanted more taxes. They wanted the whole deal. Reagan wanted the monkey off his back. This “common ground” is stupid talk. It’s compromise.”

Burton: (laughing in Matthews’ face) “It’s not stupid to talk about common ground!”

Matthews lives in some kind of fairy tale world where Republicans, who passed immigration reform in the Senate and had the votes to pass it in the House, just need to sit in the right cigar bar with Obama and trade stories about their college days to get them to do a deal with the guy they vowed never to do a deal with the night he was inaugurated. Man, it is going to be a long 2 years at MSNBC.

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