Herman Cain Insults Black People, Calls 50% ‘Clueless’

(Image via Addictinginfo)

Pizza King, Pokeman movie quoter,  and one time Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain has been ramping up his media appearances  of late, potentially testing the waters for a 2016 Presidential campaign, or maybe to promote his new internet TV channel ‘Cain TV‘.

While Cain isn’t exactly the GOP’s brightest hope, he is an African American and at least projects some sort of image of inclusiveness in the notoriously white party. Sadly, Cain is incapable of keeping his foot out of his mouth, telling Fox Business Channel’s Varney & Co that 50 % Of Black Voters in Georgia a”probably are clueless” and vote only on “party name and candidate” (via MediaMatters):

This may turn out to be a positive for Cain personally as conservatives are often keen on their politicians lecturing black people. The more he puts down African Americans, the more he appeals to the GOP base – a neat trick politicians like Alan Keyes used to make themselves relevant on the national scene.

However, he is certainly not helping the GOP’s efforts to rebrand themselves (not that that is going very well), and Cain could find himself on the end of some more Rovian tactics to shut him up before the run up to 2016 gets serious.

Either way, we’re probably about to see a lot more of him, so buckle up.

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