Here Are Some People (and Things) That Look Like Rick Scott

Last night I wrote something up about Florida governor and evil alien overlord Rick Scott’s meltdown during a gubernatorial debate. The basics are that Scott refused to come out and face challenger Charlie Crist because Crist was using a small electric fan under his lectern and Scott claimed that was against the rules. You can read more about it here if you think your brain can handle that much inanity.

The photo of Scott that I chose to accompany the piece is about the most terrifying thing you’ve ever seen, not only because Scott is a cartoon monster but because I purposely picked the worst possible picture of him available — since it was late and I’m kind of a juvenile asshole. When I circulated the piece on Facebook, as I do with everything I throw together, I got some good comments back — but mostly I got the usual cavalcade of snark, specifically in the form of friends posting images of people, characters, and things that looked like Rick Scott.

The Bat Boy one above is old hat by now, and it is indeed perfect, but here’s just a taste of what else got posted to my wall.

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