The New “#IAmARepublican” Campaign Is Backfiring In Predictably Spectacular Fashion

One of these days people who really don’t understand social media will stop trying to use social media to get their points across. Until that time comes, we’ll go right on being entertained by thoroughly ill-conceived online marketing campaigns like the one that former Romney flack Vinny Minchillo created in an effort to humanize Republicans. Yes, you heard right: Republicans these days apparently need a PR push aimed at making them seem, at the very least, human.

You’ll remember it was only about six months ago that the GOP tried — and failed — to endear itself to the Millennial crowd by way of a video that featured a douchey 20-something who looked like Urban Outfitters threw up all over him lamenting the high cost of gas and how the government makes it totes harder for the job creators. But that misfire was nothing compared to Minchillo’s “Republicans Are People Too” campaign, which debuted earlier this month with a video aimed at reminding you that Republicans are your neighbors, friends, and definitely those distant relatives you hope don’t show up for Thanksgiving dinner. They “drive Priuses,” “put together Ikea furniture,” and are occasionally even black.

Coinciding with the release of the video is #IAmARepublican, a Twitter hashtag presumably meant to give all those Prius-driving Republicans a place to let their freak flags fly. Needless to say it functioned as it was supposed to for all of maybe 48 hours before being hijacked and turned into one big flying snark bomb.

Behold, and let this serve as a lesson:

(h/t AATTP)

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