National Review’s Kevin Williamson: Abortions Are Homicide Punishable By Hanging

The conundrum for the fetal personhood movement has been whether to define abortion as murder, carrying with it all of the penalties that go along with committing murder. Nation Review contributor Kevin D. Williamson appears to have locked down what the consequences should be for having an abortion (which currently remains a legal medical procedure):

And how should women who have abortions be punished? Hanging.

The Twitter exchange between Williamson and Little Green Footballs‘ Charles Johnson began in response to Williamson’s post about Lena Dunham’s article about voting. Williamson’s views on abortion not as a difficult, heart-wrenching decision but a superficial, thoughtless procedure are quite clear:

A people mature enough to manage the relationship between procreative input and procreative output without recourse to the surgical dismemberment of living human organisms probably would not find much of interest in the work of Miss Dunham. But we are a nation of adult children so horrified by the prospect of actual children that we put one in five of them to death for such excellent reasons as the desire to fit nicely into a prom dress.

It’s difficult to find a more obvious example of misogyny. And make no mistake: Williamson isn’t the only extremist who believes that women engage in the “dismemberment human organisms” merely to fit into prom dresses. The anti-choice movement is just as much an anti-woman movement, fueled by vengeful rage against anyone who would even consider such a course of action for any reason. The mission now includes threat of summary execution in addition to the ongoing terrorizing of women and physical intimidation of nurses and doctors. Even if you’re anti-abortion, you would do well to seriously question the intentions of the anti-choice movement and its associated politicians.