Watch Police In Ferguson Deal With White Pizzeria Owner Who Pulled Gun On Protesters

Tensions in Ferguson, Missouri flared anew Thursday night, as peaceful protesters marching and chanting in protest of the Mike Brown killing were met by a local business owner whom police confirm pulled a gun on the marchers. An Argus News livestreaming camera was there to capture police reaction to an armed white man at a protest for the killing of an unarmed black teenager, just days after cops in Ohio got off for killing a different unarmed black man. Here was the scene outside Faraci’s Pizza moments after the incident:

Multiple police sources confirmed that the man in the video is the owner of the business, and did pull a gun on the protesters.

This march also comes on the heels of reports that Ferguson police officers have been wearing bracelets that say “I am Darren Wilson,” a reference to the officer who shot and killed Mike Brown, and who is currently the subject of a grand jury investigation into the killing. Later in Thursday night’s protest, outside the Ferguson Police Department, one participant had a pretty snappy comeback for that:

“Oh, you Darren Wilson, huh? Bitch, I’m Kevin Johnson.”

According to protesters at the scene, St. Louis County police have joined Ferguson police in dealing with the protests, which, apart from the one gun-brandishing, have apparently been peaceful. Argus News continues to live stream the protest as of 11 pm Central time, which is about when Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson held an impromptu press conference, at which he declared that “This is a fuckin’ tragedy, we all know that,” and added, over shouts of “Arrest that motherfucker!”, that it “came from my heart.”

It didn’t go well from there:

“You didn’t need the Justice Department to tell you that this was fucked up!”

To Chief Jackson’s credit, he stood there and faced the music for a good long while.

Remarkably, a few minutes later, Chief Jackson agreed to march with the protesters, which took about 15 seconds to go bad, as the cops moved in and attacked the protesters, pushing and shoving them with shields and clubs: