So What is The Daily Banter’s Members Section? Your Questions Answered!

Yesterday, we launched a members section and a campaign to help ‘Un-f*ck the Internet’ on The Daily Banter. Lots of readers have written in with questions, and we haven’t had time to get back to all of you, so we figured it would be best to do a FAQ post.

This should helpfully clear everything up for you.

Q: What is this? I don’t understand. 

A: The Daily Banter is launching a campaign to help Un-F*ck the Internet by asking readers to help contribute to its expansion. Contributors get access to special member benefits, but more importantly, we can pay our bills, do more in-depth reporting, hire talented journalists and continue to grow this site. It’s a win-win situation!

Q: Is the internet really f*cked?

A: Yes:

Q: What exactly are you spending my hard earned money on, and how will it ‘Un-F*ck the Internet’?

A: To be blunt, we do not make nearly enough money from ads to sustain ourselves. We have big ambitions and think we can make a huge dent in the game with sufficient funding, so we will spend your money on stabilizing financially, hiring new writers, and going into in-depth reporting, video content, and podcasting. It helps un-f*ck the internet because the internet is full of crap, and we want to fill it with good stuff.

Q: What do I get for being a subscriber?

A: A new car!

Q: No seriously, what do I f*cking get.

A: No sense of humor eh? You get some awesome stuff being a subscriber. Firstly, you won’t have to see (or hear) any annoying ads when you log in as a subscriber – just content and white space. Secondly, you get content non-subscribers won’t be able to access, including in-depth reports, podcasts, live chats with the writers, etc.

Q: Do I have to subscribe to keep reading you?

A: No, you don’t! We want to keep as much content on The Daily Banter free as possible. We have set each reader’s page view limit per month very high so that it probably won’t affect you unless you read us multiple times a day (and in that case you should definitely become a subscriber!). There will be extra content for subscribers and we think it is worth the price of a subscription, but mostly we are relying on the good will of our readers to get behind us during this roll-out phase.

Q: Why the price of $5.99?

A: We felt readers wouldn’t mind chipping in the cost of a couple of coffees a month to support what we’re doing. We genuinely feel that it is great value for the money considering what you get and what you are supporting.

Q: Can I give you more money if I want?

A: Yes you can! If you really, really, love us or happen to be incredibly rich, you can set your monthly/yearly subscription to whatever you want. It goes without saying that we are incredibly grateful for anything extra you can spare – it really does help.

Q: This is the best FAQ ever!!

A: That’s not a question.

Q: Okay, is this the best FAQ ever?

A: It is! So show us you mean it by becoming a subscriber and helping us un-f*ck the internet!

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