The Banter Staff’s Recommended Reading

Happy Labor Day!

It’s understandable if you’re jonesing for your daily Banter fix and this holiday has you tweaking, but fortunately, sometimes, just sometimes, there’s valuable stuff worth reading on other sites. Here’s what we recommend:

Ben Cohen 

The Other Neanderthal” by John Wenz

This was a pretty interesting piece on the Denisovans (or the ‘other’ neanderthals), a cousin to homo sapiens we’ve only known about for the last 4 years.

Bob Cesca

Magnetic Mirages” by Neil Peart

I just finished reading Neil Peart’s latest travelogue about the Channel Islands, Anacapa, Santa Cruz Island and Avalon Harbor.

Tommy Christopher

#FERGUSON: An American Apartheid” by Goldie Taylor

Goldie Taylor gets personal and contextual about Ferguson.

Michael Luciano


The NSA built its own Google, which it shares with other government agencies.

Bryce Rudow 

Unreality TV” by Brian Phillips

It was “Saturday Night Live Week” on Grantland, and Brian Phillips’ take on Weekend Update — including its history, its cultural significance, and why today’s 24/7 news cycle makes it harder than ever for that segment to succeed — is fantastic.