White People Turn Keith Urban Concert Into Chaos, But the Media’s Too PC To Blame White Culture

Attorney General Eric Holder was dead-on when he said that Americans are cowards when it comes to the issue of race, most recently evidenced by the mainstream media’s refusal to address the root cause of the recent rash of violence at country music concerts: White Culture.

The problem has gotten so bad that one recent Keith Urban concert was declared a “mass casualty incident” by officials in Massachusetts, yet no one has the courage to call an eggshell an eggshell. Even MSNBC’s normally provocative Touré, never one to shy away from the topic of race, wouldn’t go there on Friday’s Morning Joe. Right off the bat, host Joe Scarborough offered him the perfectly-coded fig leaf of “demographics,” but Touré wouldn’t bite, and went through the usual host of excuses people make for whites: it’s the alcohol, it’s the media bias against them, it’s just a few bad ones!

“But the vast majority of concerts, Joe, are safe, right? We could still feel comfortable to take our kids to the vast majority of shows and know that everything is going to work out.”

That’s all well and good for Touré to say, because he’s probably never going to experience the terror of huddling his kids close at a Kelly Pickler concert, just waiting for some shit to jump off. Now, sure, part of the problem is that the white drug of choice, alcohol, is legal and freely available at these shows, while the government continues to incarcerate record numbers of (mostly black) people for less harmful, but less socially acceptable, marijuana. Yes, the music also glorifies doing this drug, and committing acts of violence. Why can’t these people just hand over a simple letter of resignation, why is it necessary to take this job and shove it, presumably somewhere painful?

But it runs deeper than that, right down to the way they dress. When they’re not sagging their pants to show off their so-called “plumber’s cracks,” these people wear suits to emulate booze-swilling white icons (or Whicons™) like Don Draper. Touré is also absolutely right that some of this is due to the added attention given to these concerts, which I think argues in favor of stepped-up policing in other places where these people congregate. You have to go where the crime is. Sure, for a time, the NYPD tried to crack down on white bloggers with poorly-reasoned arguments, but by and large, Stop and Fisk was a too-narrow failure.

The worst excuse of all, though, is this notion that it’s just a few bad white apples. That’s all well and good, but how are you supposed to tell which of them are “the good ones?” And if there are so many of them, why don’t you ever hear them denouncing white violence like this? Why don’t they ever do anything within their own communities to end this? Instead, all they do is complain, even after we elected 43 of them president.

Touré and the rest of the media can continue to ignore the problem, or make excuses for it, but someone has to have the courage not to let political correctness silence them. White culture, look to yourselves before you start pointing fingers.