Surprise, Surprise: The NRA Deletes Ridiculous Guns-for-the-Blind Video

Without any fanfare or explanation, the National Rifle Association removed from YouTube a video in which commentator Dom Raso makes a case for allowing blind people to carry firearms in public. The video, posted earlier this week, was another in a long series of questionable pro-gun arguments ranging from attacks on the use of word “gunman” and the phrase “mass shootings”; to arguments in support of government subsidies for free ammunition and gun classes in grade school; to this most recent video.

As we reported on Wednesday, Raso suggests that just because a person is unable to see doesn’t mean they should be forbidden from carrying firearms in public. Raso hilariously argues that because blind people have more finely tuned hearing and spatial recognition they should be able to safely fire a gun without injuring bystanders, “Fact is, it’s been proven that people that lack vision have an increased awareness of their hearing and spatial surroundings.”

The New York Daily News reported:

Steven Rothstein, the former head of the prominent school Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, Ma., called the video an effort to exploit the disabled.

“This video is not only disturbing but also misleading and they are using individuals who are visually impaired in a cynical attempt to further their extremist position on gun control,” Rothstein said, according to the Boston Globe.

In case you missed the unintentionally self-satirical video, here it is again via a third-party YouTube account. To repeat: this isn’t a video from The Onion, even though it absolutely could be.

If Crazy Wayne LaPierre’s NRA thinks this video is too silly for public consumption, then it’s way, way, way off the rails.

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