Open Carry Protesters Gather at the Grassy Knoll, Location of JFK Assassination

The open carry gun people continue to do the great work of undermining the broader pro-gun movement by utterly repulsing people and embarrassing even the shameless NRA (more about the NRA later today). This time, a group called “Come And Take It Dallas” assembled at the site of one of the most terrible, history-changing gun-related tragedies in American history: Dealey Plaza, where President Kennedy was brutally gunned down nearly 51 years ago.

And, yes, they videotaped the proceedings.

–Of course part of their thing included business cards asking, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

–One protester declares on camera, “I’m here to protect the Second Amendment, the one that protects all the rest.” Such a declaration takes on a morbid, grotesque meaning considering how an entire armed detail of Secret Service agents were unable to protect the chief executive from an assassin perched almost in plain view above the plaza.

–Another protester in the video sits holding what appears to be a high-powered rifle just a matter of a few feet from where Abraham Zapruder stood while filming the assassination.

–A man holding an AR-style rifle who appears to be the leader of the group complains, “I’m just sick and tired of these foreigners coming into this country. They don’t know what American freedom is all about.”

–The rest of the group are seen standing around on the grassy knoll with their firearms slung over their shoulders, while passers-by on the sidewalk understandably look confused by what they’re seeing.

One final observation: we obviously live in a country where gun rights activists can freely assemble (it’s questionable whether it can be described as “peaceable” while heavily armed) at Dealey Plaza while carrying rifles that are arguably more lethal than the Mannlicher-Carcano used by Lee Harvey Oswald just over 50 years ago. Given then horrendous reality of what they’re able to get away with, I’m not sure we live in the oppressive anti-gun society they’re complaining about.

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