Snowden Opens His Mouth Again and, Like Always, Something F*cking Nuts Comes Out

Bill Maher was absolutely right when he said to Glenn Greenwald, “Every time [Snowden] opens his mouth, he always says something fucking nuts.” It’s one of two things Snowden has in common with radio conspiracy theorist Alex Jones: they both say things that are nuts, and the nutty remarks are routinely wild conspiracy theories about the government.

This week, The Guardian‘s Alan Rusbridger and Ewen MacAskill flew to Moscow and conducted a seven hour interview with the world’s most famous NSA fugitive. Seven hours is a massive window of time through which a bounty of crazy things can emerge. So far, the interview produced two bizarre revelations, and each one raises the question: why weren’t these revelations the first things out of his mouth more than a year go.

First, Snowden…

…made a startling claim that a culture exists within the NSA in which, during surveillance, nude photographs picked up of people in “sexually compromising” situations are routinely passed around.

If true, is this behavior condoned? Is it punished? Have NSA analysts been reprimanded for it? And, mainly, does Snowden have any evidence whatsoever for this rather serious charge? My skepticism of Snowden’s veracity is obvious by now, but to reveal something of this gravity 13 months after first stepping into the spotlight seems rather odd. It’s almost an afterthought. Oh, by the way, your crotch pics are traded like PornHub videos at NSA. Again, why now?

Next up, in response to “why he made sure the documents were spread among different countries,” Snowden replied:

This was the thing I told the journalists: “If the government thinks you’re the single point of failure, they’ll kill you.”

Yes, the U.S. government is in the business of killing journalists who publish national security secrets. And this has happened to… who exactly? If he’s suggesting the government killed Michael Hastings, his cheese has definitely slipped off his cracker. We should expect him to be spraying chemtrails with vinegar spritzers any minute now.

I’m not exactly sure why he’s not more broadly regarded as an Alex Jones-style conspiracy theorist, considering his obvious paranoia and farcical claims. But he ought to be. If he’s willing to endorse the theory that the government assassinates journalists, without any evidence, how many other claims are just as fucking nuts?

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