Quote of the Day: Dick Cheney Doesn’t Care About Your Puny Facts

“I’ve got to defend my point of view.”

— Dick Cheney

This was Cheney’s response when Jake Tapper called him on a horseshit talking point he offered up during an interview on CNN yesterday. In an effort to deflect credit away from President Obama for the killing of Osama bin Laden, Cheney claimed that the location of bin Laden only came about “through our process of enhanced interrogation techniques.” In other words, he said that the Bush administration’s policy of torturing detainees was directly responsible for bin Laden’s eventual death (under the administration of a new president, because the old one never could find the world’s most wanted man).

The problem is that a Senate Intelligence Committee report released four months ago disputed any link between torture and the intelligence that led the military to bin Laden. Put simply, Cheney was once again talking out of his ass, making a statement he insists is fact without any, you know, real facts to back it up. When Tapper euphemistically told him as much, Cheney’s only response was that he has to defend his point of view — even if, apparently, that point of view is utter crap.

One of the best things about the current “Cheney: Unapologetic” U.S. tour is that the more it continues the more Cheney marginalizes himself. While it can be argued that really nobody should be talking to him in the first place — at best since his opinions on foreign policy have been proven thoroughly worthless and at worst since he should be on trial at the Hague right now — it’s good to see so many voices in the media who were once inexplicably awed or cowed finally challenging him on his lies. Cheney’s not getting much fall-down deference anywhere he’s going these days — and it’s about goddamn time that happened.

No matter how sure he may still be of himself and his decisions, he was an unmitigated failure. Never forget that.