Anti-Immigration Graffiti Fail: Giant Spray-Painted Message Hilariously Misspelled

An Army Reserve warehouse in Westminster, Maryland is rumored to be a future holding facility for undocumented immigrant children, The Washington Post reported today. Consequently, the building was vandalized over the weekend with a large message in black spray paint:



The second part of the message is obviously a reference to the conspiracy theory that the Democratic Party is exploiting the undocumented worker situation in order to build its voter base. But, as you can plainly see, the first part is hilariously misspelled.

Maybe the vandal had just reviewed his VHS copy of this Robert Redford classic:

Or maybe his favorite preacher is this guy:

Who the hell knows. Lesson: if you’re going to spend the time and risk being caught spray-painting your intolerant political message on a military building, you might want to check your spelling first.


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