What We Can All Learn From Cleveland Brown’s Josh Gordon’s Latest DWI Arrest

2014 has been another year that proves the indisputable fact that, at least when it comes to sports and geographical locations, God hates Cleveland. LeBron hasn’t even pretended like he’s going to come home after his 4-year long trip out for cigarettes, the Indians are middling a few games below .500, and the Browns decided to put the future of their organization in the hands of this man:

But sadly there’s some even worse news to come out recently that will be a blow to all Cleveland Brown fans/those that cling to the hope that the NFL actually cares about its players’ wellbeing.

According to ESPN, on July 5th, Cleveland Browns star wide receiver Josh Gordon was pulled over for going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone in Raleigh, NC, only to eventually be arrested and charged with driving while impaired. And as Raleigh police captain Tommy Klein even made sure to note to ESPN, to be arrested in Raleigh for DWI, a person has to be “appreciably impaired” (which should make you feel really great about driving around Raleigh on a Friday night).

Normally though, because of a strong mix of desensitization and denial, an NFL player being arrested for a DWI wouldn’t be considered newsworthy, but Gordon (only 23 years old) could be facing a one-season suspension from the NFL for another failed drug test after he was suspended four games last season for codeine use. Oh, and he was also pulled over speeding earlier this summer, with the passenger in his car being cited for possession of less than 200 grams of marijuana. And he was suspended twice while at Baylor (the second time indefinitely after failing a drug test), only to transfer to Utah…where he failed another drug test.

On top of all that, the guy that bailed him out of jail was someone named Haydn “Fats” Thomas, a convicted felon who pled guilty to gun and drug charges in November, and who was very much involved with star P.J. Hairston getting dismissed from UNC.

But with all the talk about what exactly Gordon did and what this means for the Browns (and how they could possibly replace the 1st player in NFL history to have consecutive 200-yard receiving games), and what this means for fantasy football WR rankings (TE’s have even more value), it’s Gordon’s former teammate, Indianapolis Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, who seems to be the only person related to the NFL that’s saying what really needs to be said:

One day, we’re going to finally hit a breaking point with the NFL, but especially after the US World Cup team didn’t win everything all the time, it’s not going to be today, and sadly, it’s not going to be because of something like this. I’ve already got Jimmy Graham creeping up my fantasy draft board.

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