Viagra Aficionado Rush Limbaugh Says Young People Only Care About Sex

Oh, Rush Limbaugh. In your feeble old age, you’re making it way to easy for people like me.

Today on the Rush Limbaugh Program, our favorite radio troll circled back to the Obamacare contraception issue, which, unless we’re mistaken, was resolved by the Supreme Court last week. This time, instead of slut-shaming Sandra Fluke and other women for wanting affordable, safe contraception included in their health insurance policies in the same way men are covered for vasectomies and the like, Limbaugh attacked men for a change.

First of all, Limbaugh was shocked that some women are saving $269 per year on average due to health insurance coverage for contraception. “Women can’t pay that on their own?! Tax-payers have to provide… yes!” Limbaugh, who’s worth $400 million and earns $70 million annually, wondered out loud. Tax-payers aren’t providing it, health insurance companies are. So that’s a lie right there, on top of the fact that indeed some women can’t afford $269 per year.

He continued (via MMFA):

“I learned something about this over the weekend that I haven’t stopped to consider. You and I — Mr. Snerdly and I assume a lot of you folks, we’re from the old school where you provide for yourself. We were raised that, that whatever you want or need, you go out and get a job and earn enough to buy it.”

The vast majority of health insurance plans are provided as part of a job’s salary.

“And if you can’t afford it, then you put it off until you can.”

So, for example, women with ovarian cysts or endometriosis should just “put off” treatment until they can afford it. Gotcha. They should also risk unplanned pregnancies and potential abortions. Okeedokee.

“The last thing you do is ask somebody else. You don’t go down to the neighborhood and knock on the front door of people and ask ’em to buy whatever you want. […] But what I have learned is that men are totally supportive. Today’s young men are totally supportive of somebody else buying women their birth control pills because what — eh, eh, eh make sure the women are taking — sex is what it’s all about. Have it. Pajama boy — sex, sex, sex that’s what it’s all about. Everybody wants it and whatever it takes to make it safe.”

Can you smell the irony off-gassing from this quote? Flashback to 2006 when Limbaugh was stopped at customs while heading home from the Dominican Republic with a bottle of Viagra prescribed to another name.

Click to enlarge.

I’m not sure Limbaugh should be lecturing anyone about birth control, sex or prescription drugs. Speaking of which, wasn’t he getting his Oxycotin from a woman in a convenience store parking lot? I thought so.

Feel free to shut the hell up now, Limbaugh.

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