MSNBC News Flash: It Was Jimmy Carter Who Did Iran/Contra Affair

If this week is any indication, MSNBC viewers no longer need to get up at 6 am to get a taste of what it feels like to watch Fox News. So far this week, viewers of Steve Kornacki’s programs have learned that it is super-duper important news that pissy white people hate Obama, that MSNBC needs to quit blaming Whitey for black America’s problems, and that it was President Jimmy Carter who oversaw the Iran/Contra affair, in which the United States sold arms to Iran in order to finance a guerrilla war in  Nicaragua.

That last bit of breaking news was delivered on Saturday morning’s Up with Steve Kornacki, as part of a segment in which panelists named their favorite “mediocre presidents.” reporter Aliyah Frumin told host Steve Kornacki that “I picked Jimmy Carter because his presidency was riddled in errors like Iran/Contra and Panama Canal, but hos post-presidency really outshone what he was able to do in office, in terms of Habitat for Humanity, and being a real champion of human rights, he got the Nobel Peace Prize, so I think because he’s done such great works afterwards, his term pf presidency was rather mediocre.”

“The model ex-president,” Kornacki agreed.

Now, the Carter presidency can be argued in many different ways (I think Carter was a great president who was ahead of his time, and had a crummy world situation taken out on him), but I’ve never heard anyone slam him for Iran/Contra, because it was Ronald Reagan who oversaw that bit of unpunished treason.

Carter did sign the Panama Canal treaty, but that agreement, which eventually handed control of the canal to the country in which it is located, had been in the works through several administrations of both parties. It was George H.W Bush who ordered the invasion of Panama in 1989, after attempts by Reagan administration officials to get General Manuel Noriega (who was also a participant in Iran/Contra} under control failed.

Maybe it’s time to change the name of that show to Up with Steve Doocy.

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