Fox News Douchebag Trolls Feminist Conference, Is Shocked When He’s Kicked Out

There are quite a few Fox News personalities who are wrong, whether inadvertently or deliberately. A certain level of disdain and fact-checking directed at those hosts is acceptable, but where Fox News is increasingly rising above all other cable news networks is in the area of personalities who are not only wrong, but who are colossal, insufferable trolls. Competing for the top spot in this category are, naturally, Steve Doocy and Greg Gutfeld, but nipping at their heels is The O’Reilly Factor‘s sidekick Jesse Watters.

Watters is known best for stalking and accosting people in parking lots and shopping malls — not politicians or prominent headline-makers, just regular people who are unaccustomed to being in the spotlight. Noncombatants. Easy targets for a slick New York asshole like Watters, who is clearly not talented enough to host his own show, but instead has been leeching off Bill O’Reilly’s notoriety for the better part of a decade.

Last night, in his regular segment called “Watters’ World” (get it?), Watters tried to infiltrate a credentials-only National Organization for Women (NOW) conference at an Albuquerque, New Mexico Hyatt Hotel without any press credentials. From there he proceeded to troll the noncombatant convention-goers with his special brand of flop-sweat-inducing, Lieutenant-Steve-from-Good-Morning-Vietnam version of “jokes.”

–He asked one older woman, who made the mistake of admitting to him that she was single, whether she was “single and ready to mingle.” Classy.

–He asked another attendee to feel his bicep. Feel free to stop reading while you compose yourself, you know, from all of the laughter.

–Watters asked another attendee, “What are you gals trying to accomplish today?” Naturally, the feminist NOW member was offended by the word “gals,” which is why Watters used it in the first place.

When he attempted to work his way onto the convention floor without credentials, Watters asked an organizer, “You’re not allowing me to cover the event?” Well, of course not, for the same reason why I can’t walk into Bill O’Reilly’s TV studio or Jesse Watters’ apartment whenever I want, simply because I’m holding a microphone. But this is what passes for comedy and controversy on Watters’ World: trolling and uncomfortably awkward douchey behavior timed to appear joke-like.

Watters was escorted by police out of the building and told that the Hyatt management didn’t want him to return. I wish we could do the same with our televisions. Watters’ response to the police, “I feel like a POW.” Ah yes, prisoner-of-war jokes are always knee-slappers. Way to leave ’em wanting more, Jesse.

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