Picture of the Day: Bringing “They Live” To Life

John Carpenter’s They Live is one of the weirdest movies pretty much ever. It’s equal parts brilliant, ridiculous, a dead-on piece of anti-authoritarian satire, and an executional misfire. Regardless, it’s a cult classic and there’s little doubt that the scene in which professional wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper puts on the magic sunglasses and gets his first glimpse at what’s really going on around him is hilarious, eerie genius.

Maybe that’s why artists Stephen Zeigler and Calder Greenwood decided to recreate it on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. This living art installation probably creeped the hell out of a few people, but the actor in the costume and the corresponding They Live signage is, in a word, awesome.

Of course these guys had better hope Roddy still has some bubble gum left or things could get really ugly.

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