GOP District Chairman: Hillary Clinton Will ‘Probably Get Shot at the Arkansas State Line’

In keeping with our Classy Republicans theme this afternoon, the Republican Party chairman for the 2nd Congressional District in Arkansas, Johnny Rhoda, appears to have threatened gun violence former Secretary of State and would-be presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Rhoda warned that if Clinton tries to campaign for president in Arkansas, something terrible might happen to her.

“She’d probably get shot at the state line.”

The trend of radical, far-right eliminationist rhetoric doesn’t look like it’ll dissipate beyond the Obama presidency. It appears as if it’s metastasized within the deeply red states of middle America, and spearheaded by a seemingly immortal tea party.

Rhoda tried to backpedal but entirely failed to clarify what exactly he meant.

“That comment was taken way out of context,” 2nd Congressional District party chairman Johnny Rhoda told Business Insider about the U.S. News report on his remarks. “It certainly was not meant in a threatening or hostile way at all. It was just a comment. Perhaps I used the wrong word.”

Used the wrong word? Did he mean to say “flogged?” “Wounded?” “Flayed?” And, maybe he’s right — since when did it become “threatening or hostile” to warn that a presidential-level candidate might be shot entering a potentially hostile state? I was just a comment… about Hillary Clinton being shot. What’s the harm in that? After all, comments don’t assassinate American politicians, people do. In Arkansas. When Hillary crosses the state line. [End snark.]

Seriously, if you think the crazy is going to disappear after Barack Obama leaves office, you clearly don’t remember the 1990s. Sure, it’s worse now, but the ’90s were pretty damn insane.

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