Former GOP Congressman: IRS Director Lois Lerner Should Be Waterboarded

By now you’re probably familiar with the slow-motion train wreck that is former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL). He used to be a leading member of both the tea party caucus and, in my own mind, the House Crazy Caucus.

He also one-upped Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock and a long list of tone-deaf Republicans by suggesting there shouldn’t be an abortion exception for women whose lives are threatened by their pregnancy. Most recently, Walsh was kicked off his own radio show for using the words “nigger” and “cunt.”

In keeping with his classy, on-the-level brand of discourse, Walsh tweeted the following today about Lois Lerner, the embattled former director of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations Unit, whose computer harddrive apparently crashed taking with it all of her email correspondence:

It’s unclear how serious he was with this hashtag, but given his history of screeching extremism, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was legitimately precipitated from his fanatical, unhinged obsession with the IRS non-scandal scandal. Speaking of which, it’s important to remind any incoming trolls that not one conservative group lost its non-profit status as a result of the so-called scrutiny.

I’d still like to see any of these tough guys who think waterboarding isn’t torture step up and have it tried on themselves. My guess is Walsh would be reduced to a soaking wet, naked, sobbing mess curled up in the corner of the room begging for his wubby.

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